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    Network Folder issues

    pkrk Level 1
           var jobServerFolder=new Folder("/Volumes/myFolders/"+folderName);



      I had a script working that created folders on the network via commands like the ones above.



      Somewhere inbetween I thought I'd test my catch's and disconnected the ethernet wire to see if my code would properly send my files to the desktop if it couldnt connect to the proper volume.


      What happened is that instead of referencing a network volume it made a folder there with the name "myFolders".


      I deleted and replugged everything in, to continue testing my script while connected to the network.


           Now it doesnt want to send it to the volume general anymore, it just wants to make a folder there!!!


      Help me please!!


      I'm thinking I need to clear some cache or delete some hidden files but I don't want to do anything risky until I tried the forum..



      Thanks in advance for yor help.

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          Muppet Mark Level 5

          Have you rebooted your system? May be it still thinks a volume is mounted…

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            pkrk Level 1

            I have rebooted, but still not working. The odd thing is sometimes it adds the folder again sometimes it doesn't. But either way it never goes to the correct network folder now. Same exact code that worked over 25 times in a row.


            Now when it adds the folder, it appends the previously mounted actual volume name with a  -1.

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              pkrk Level 1

              I found some of the folders.... apparantly they were created in the "XHTML For Digital Editions" folder?????


              Hopefully this is a clue to what's going on.



              ... More Importantly I changed the Volume path folder in the script to myFolders-1 and it's working again...


              So I should probably hit a mac forum and see how to make the Mac forget that the volume name that now is referenced through a -1.

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                pkrk Level 1

                Though I was not able to see an actual "myFolders" folder when viewing the Volumes by right clicking on a network volume and selecting "Open enclosing Folder", I was able to navigate there by using the Go To folder option from the finder menu.


                I then deleted the unwanted folder, I remounted the actual network Volume I wanted that was coming up as -1 and all is well now.



                Thank you!