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    Profesional flash and mobile game developers urgendly searched to hire in EU


      Do you want to become a part the Game Industry ??

      Or you aim to take an exciting new step in your personal career in this industry.

      We are urgently searching for good personal, which is usable for the EU (and may International) Game Industry. Somebody who may is able to work in another country and is able to work in English language.



      We work together with successful companies located in the EU (especially Germany) and all around the World.

      It doesn't matter from where you are, you just have to have usefull abilities to work on developing of Games.



      If you think, you conform to this and to the following job offers send us your meaningful application documents and other material which is usefull to proof your skills (degrees, references, projects you worked on, certificates of employment on any software business, etc)



      We will assume the organization of all the things, like visas, air tickets and a maybe also a home next to your new work place, if needed.



      Among others just we are searching imploringly for somebody who fulfil one of following qualifications:





      [b]Flash Game Developer[/b]




      [*]Very good skills in in Flash with current ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0

      [*]A high affinity to games[/list]




      [*]Familiar with PHP, HTML5, Java, Javascript or C++

      [*]Experiences working in the Games Industry

      [*]Experiences in professional work on flash products[/list]





      [b]Mobile Game Developer[/b]




      [*]Skills in Java or iOS or another mobile phone related programming language

      [*]Skills in programming Mobile Phone Games, like expiriences in Android or Iphone programming.

      [*]A high affinity to games[/list]




      [*]Experiences working in the Games Industry

      [*]Well experiences in professional work on Mobile Games or Apps[/list]





      [b]Development Manager[/b]




      [*]Management experience in both Agile and distributed development environments.

      [*]Recent experience as a front linedevelopment manager for a team working on web applications.

      [*]Experience with working in distributed environment with manager and peers in US/EU

      [*]Picks up new, complicated, and abstract concepts quickly.

      [*]Self-motivated, overcomes obstacles independently, strong work ethic.

      [*]Driven by quality not quantity

      [*]Strives for excellence and has passion for great products

      [*]Thrives in collaboration and welcomes input and feedback

      [*]Experience turning good engineers into great engineers with a passion for helping others to succeed.

      [*]Ability to run QA and engineering so that product output is efficient and of high quality.

      [*]Develops meaningful objectives for the team and tracks them through key performance metrics.

      [*]Success at building and retaining high talent, high morale, highly motivated delivery teams.

      [*]Excellent communicator; leads through consensus and relationship building.

      [*]B.S in Computer Science or equivalent degree.

      [*]Working knowledge of networks, online applications, server technology building web based applications.[/list]



      [i]Desirable skilled in:[/i][list]






      [*]cross-browser compatibility

      [*]distributed systems







      [*]Action Scripting






      [i]Furthermore would be great:[/i]

      - Experience with a PHP MVC framework -

      - Experience developing web applications for use on mobile devices -

      - Experience evaluating and engaging -





      [b]Game Programmer/ Consumer Software Engineer/ (also junior and senior)[/b]


      Skilled and expierenced in:

      [i]- Programming in C / C++ (and/or Java) -[/i]




      [*]First experiences working on software in any kind (maybe also private projects, or open source)

      [*]Big affinity to computer or video games and highly motivated to work on game projects[/list]



      [i]Very Benefiting Bonus:[/i][list]

      [*]A Computer science and information systems academic degree (like Bachelor, Master or matchable)  [/list]



      [i]Furthermore desired qualifications:[/i][list]

      [*]A good  and Team player

      [*]1 or more years experience working in the game development or other software development

      [*]Good skills in SQL and Java[/list]





      [b]Development Director[/b]




      [*]5+ years of project management experience on at least two shipped titles

      [*]3+ years of experience in a development director leadership position

      [*]Engineering background

      [*]Created a development plan for a title from concept to ship

      [*]Has managed engineering teams of 7+ people

      [*]Familiar with various forms of development methods, including Agile, Scrum, paired programming, etc…[/list]



      [i]Desired abilities:[/i][list]

      [*]Special experiences in working on a optional kind of game (like online games, mobile games, RPG games, MMOG, 3D games, strategy games etc.)[/list]





      [b]Web Game Developer[/b]



      Skilled and experienced in at least several of following coding language:[list]








      [*]Data mining

      [*]Distributed systems

      [*]Cross-browser compatibility

      [*]Source control management tools

      [*]Further requirements:

      [*]A high affinity to games[/list]



      Desired abilities:[list]

      [*]Experience in professional working on web games - Or well experience working on web applications

      [*]A academic degree in Information Technology or Computer Science

      [*]Or recognized degree in Web Programming on another college, academy or school.[/list]







      If you feel confident you are convenient for Game Development and if you aim to become a important part of this exciting industry just  send me a E-Mail with you application documents.

      IMPORTANT: Mind send references, examples or other proofs(Screenshots f.e.) of you past work if possible.





      Best regards,



      Silas Katzenbach

      HR Consultant





      c/o MBE - Postfach 116

      Grünberger Str. 17

      10243 Berlin



      Telefon:  0049-1782141083

      Mail:       [email]silas.katzenbach@buerolersch.de[/email]

      Web:       [url]www.in-agency.eu[/url], [url]www.buerolersch.de[/url]