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    MultiCam Issues AGAIN

    schlossd Level 1

      I have a 2 core MAC with 12 gigs of memory using a FirmTek RAID with WD black caviar drives and CS5.5 using a Matrox MXO2 mini

      I have a 12 core MAC with 64 gigs of memory using a Firm Tek RAID with the same drives using CS5.5 using a Kona LHi card


      Multicam works fine in the 2 core but the window are all screwed up when using the 12 core.  AJA is looking into the issue, Adobe

      won't answer their phone that has been on hold an hour.  I'm lacking the bathroom and food so with my last bit of energy I

      am wondering if anyone else with an LHi card on my type of set up is having this issue.



      This is a shot of my Sony HD TV used as a monitor.  The top image is camera 1 the large image to the right is

      camera 2 and the black box on the bottom is camera 3.  Normally you would just get the

      image you are previewing, not the multi cam monitor on your output monitor as is shown here.  The computer

      monitor looks the same.


      HEY ADOBE ANSWER YOUR PHONE!  1+ hrs (I can get though to Steve Jobs in Heaven with

      an iphone faster than you guys take to answer the phone)