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    Fader/ Controlling a sounds speed

      Hi, I'm a bit of an ameteur/intermediate wit lingo so hopefully some of u can help. I am going to design a scene whereby I want to adapt an interactive set of turntables. I have a turntable designed, with a pitch control I want to be able to move up and down to control a sound.

      I was hoping someone could help me with some code to alter the speed of a sound when i move the pitch control up and down, any help would be greatly appreciated?
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          The only way I know to change the rate on the fly is to play the sound
          as part of a quicktime movie, member video attribute unchecked) change
          the movierate property to alter speed, 1.0 is normal speed.

          There's a sound property (the rateShift) that can only be set when a
          sound is started, I played around with a scheme, noting the currenttime
          of a sound, stopping it, restarting with a new rateShift, setting the
          currenttime back to the old one, you end up with a heavy tick-tick sound.