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    Indesign with Buzzword or Incopy


      I've been asked to find a work flow that let's the designer collaborate/share copy simultaneously with the writer. We use a Indesign CS5.5 on a Mac. I've done a little research and it looks like there's two ways to do this.


      One is with Acrobat Buzzword

      The other way is with Adobe InCopy


      We publish a 36 page magazine. It is pretty high in design. (I worry about line endings and copy length/overflowing text boxes, widows, orphans, etc.)


      Do either of these applications work better than the other? Do they both do the same thing?


      Is anyone using them successfully? Doesn't seem to be too many reviews out there--other than buy the software companies. I'd like to hear from actual users.


      Thank you!