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    mx:HTML and Monitoring in Air




      I am fairly new to flex, but have java/c background.  I have been trying to find if it is at all possible to log/trace information from the embedded browser in air.


      The type of information I am trying to log is:

      -  Request Method

      -  Request Variables

      -  Request Headers

      -  Request URL.

      -  Response data

      -  Response Headers


      Types of things I have been looking at.


      - Custom HTMLHost (but seems this will only allow me to trace GET given the updateLocation is a string??)

      - Looking at forcing traffic through some sort of air proxy (client)

      - Perhaps SocketListener?


      - Using Air (desktop/mobile)


      Anyhow I have been going around in circles so if anyone has any ideas on where I can focus my efforts it would be appreciated.



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          bradyrwood Level 1

          I have found something similar however still struggling to find an approach.  I am after both the Request and Response data, not just the Response.  Do I just need to extend the HTMLLoader overriding the URLRequest?  (will I be able to read/log POST Variables?)



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            bradyrwood Level 1

            I have added a little more information in hope someone can assist.


            Basically in a very basic air app..  i have the following.


            <mx:HTML id="browser" y="41" width="100%" height="416" locationChange="browser_locationChangeHandler(event)"/>


            protected function browser_locationChangeHandler(event:Event):void


                // TODO Auto-generated method stub   





            Why is it not possible to detect the POST data on browser submit?   (eg.. event.target.data always returns null).  Is there any way of getting access to the submit data?