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    Problem with Pages Tool

    allisonblake Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      OS 10.6, CS5 (7.04).

      (I also have access to CS5.5 if necessary)

      Here's the situation: I'm laying out a document that's set up like a calendar with a horizontal spine.

      Master spread has two facing pages. I used the Page Tool to move the right-hand page underneath the left-hand page so now they're top and bottom.

      I have some graphic shapes on the master pages


      Here's the problem: On the document pages, when I  override a master page item (one of the shapes) and delete it, the shape is still there.

      It's like the override didn't actually override, just made a local _copy_ which I can then manipulate but the original is still showing underneath.


      I confirmed that this is due to the page setup (vertical spreads) because if I move the master spreads back to left and right pages instead of top and bottom, I can override the items on the document pages as expected.


      Is this a bug of this new tool or am I missing something?