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    Flex 4.1 TLF UndoManager question

    Dudeofhonor Level 1

      Hey All,


      I am working on a project using TLF 1.1 and Flex 4.1 and have run into a bit of a problem with the UndoManager's calls to undo(). The situation goes that we have a TextFlow that contains text that fills up the dimensions of the flow. We run some checks on the text to ensure it stays within the bounds of the box and we use the EditManagers UndoManager to undo the operations performed by a user. Currently I am calling it like this:


      while( (textFlow.interactionManager as IEditManager).undoManager.canUndo() ) {

      (textFlow.interactionManager as IEditManager).undoManager.undo();



      I can see the operations in the list and can even get to them by calling popUndo(). However when I cycle over the list and call the operations to perform an undo it seems to not perform the undo. I can enter a newline into the text flow, paste some length of text, or even change the font size and those operations do not seem to be undone. I was wondering if there was anyone that has run into this before? If so is there an available fix?


      We are holding off on upgrading to 4.5.1 till after we get this fixed for this particular project. It may be something to look into more with the newer versions of TLF.