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    Creating and submitting forms in embedded PDF, can I submit data to a js function on the parent HTML

    sscotti Level 1

      I am trying to create an interactive PDF form for use in an educational activity.  It is basically in the form of a lecure with quiz questions in the mix.  I see how to create a drop down list or select list in Acrobat pro, and I see how to either submit a form or execute a javascript when an item is selected.


      What I want to do is submit the response that the user has selected and process that on the server or send the data to a js fuinction on the parent page for processing.  The latter option would be preferred.  I do not want to display the response in the browser, which is what seems to happen if you use the form submit option.  The data that I am interested in is just the form name and the export value, which I can configure when I create the form.  Initially, this would probably be just a 0 or 1 for incorrect or correct.  So I really just need 2 data, maybe 3 data values.  The form name, the 0 or 1, and the name of the pdf document.  I am embedding the PDF document as an object in a PHP/HTML page.  I can make a javascript function on the parent page that processes the data.  I am writing the responses to a MySQL server that has the users name (account system on the parent page), and I would then record the PDF page name, the field name (which question) and the response (0 or 1).


      Seems like it should not be that hard, but I am not to familar with Javascript scripting within a PDF document and how that works.