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    Help!! How do you build the SWF files?

      Hi, I since I am new to Flex & Flex Builder2, I have tried to recreate an empty swf file, similar to the sample file "EmptySwf.swf"

      However, when I replace the default EmptySwf.swf with mine, I keep getting: TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert flash.display::Sprite@fda2a81 to mx.core.IUIComponent.

      Steps to reproduce:
      i) I am using Flex Builder 2.0.143459
      ii) in the mxml file created when choosing 'Flex Project', I add the FAbridge information as instructed
      <fab:FABridge xmlns:fab="bridge.*" />
      (I have also tried using <bridge:FABridge xmlns:bridge="bridge.*" id="bridgeInst" /> )

      iii) Select BuildAll and then copy to the samples folder (overwriting the original).

      iv) The error occurs in the browser.

      What gives?
      The FA Bridge is supposed to be an easy 'learning curve' to get into Flex.
      This is quickly pushing me away!!!!!
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          kodemonkey Level 1
          Thanks for the prompt reply. Obviously you guys are watching this forum keenly.


          For those others that are new to Flex, I found that creating an ActionScript Project in Flex builder to be the way to create a 'blank' swf file that works.

          - you'll also need to add a library reference: ${FRAMEWORKS}\libs\framework.swc
          - you'll still need to add the FABridge reference: x:\somepath\\FABridge\src

          Then, make your main actionscript file look like EmptySwf.as as shipped with the samples.