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    Unable to open file in Premier CS5.5 after exporting in After Effects CS5.5

    PhiFilms Level 1

      Hello Gentlemen,

      I recieved an error when trying to open up a file in Premier CS5.5 after exporting the file from After Effects CS5.5.

      Below is the error:



      \\?\C:\Users\Kitt\Desktop\ADOBE\Adobe Premier Work\Phi Films CS5.5.prproj



      Video Filter missing:  AE.ADBE SubspaceStabilizer




      Here are my steps:

      I originally created a file in Premier CS4. I then opened it in After Effects CS5.5

      I then exported the file in After Effects for Premier.

      I installed Premier CS5.5

      I tried to open the file in Premier CS5.5 and get the error preventing the file from being open.


      Has anyone seen this error. Thank to all suggestions in advance.