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    Highlighting of Text with given Quads


      Hi, I am building a web application that when I click on a pdf file name, that document will open up and be displayed in a frame to the right. On my left frame, corresponding to that file I have selected, I have a few metadata that I have previously captured from the PDF file. And for each metadata, I also have the coordiantes information (i.e. the 4 quads points for the box that contains the text value).  What I want to do is that when I click on a particular metadata field, the corresponding box area (based on my stored quads info) in the PDF page will be highlighted in yellow.  And when I click on another metadata field which has a different set of quads, another boxed area will be highlighted.  Can this be done?  Is someone able to advise / provide me with a sample script to achieve this?  Your help is much appreciated !

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Since clicking a meta-data field doesn't trigger any kind of JS event, it's

          not possible to script what you described.

          It might be possible to do it if you used something else (like buttons)

          instead of those meta-data fields. Otherwise, your best option is a plugin

          (try the Acrobat SDK forum for that).

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            williamsabah Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.  If I use a button, then is there a way to invoke the area to be highlighted using script?  I can have a separate table that stores the 4 points' coordinates. And the script can look up these value from my table and in turn, generate the highlighted box exactly to my coordinates value.  This is in theory.  I wonder if you can provide a sample script that can help me achieve the above-said?  Thank you.