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    HELP! Corrupt raw .TIF files


      In 2005 I was shooting with a Canon 1Ds and the raw files were .TIF files.


      There was one shoot where all the files were perfectly fine and I had no problem with them.


      However, now when I go back to that shoot and try to open them, every single one of the raw .TIF files say: "Could not complete your request because the file is not a TIFF file." I was able to open them back when but not now. They still have the proper file size so they're not blank and I've done nothing unusual since then. All the other shoots from the same period are fine. Furthermore, the shoot used different CF cards.


      This mystifies me because there was never a problem with them back when and now EVERY SINGLE ONE of them says that?


      Does anyone have any idea how to rectify this?


      I'm on a Mac Pro using CS5.



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          You want to force Photoshop to open the files as raw files, not standard TIFF files.  Use File - Open As, Camera Raw in Photoshop.


          There's a preference setting for Camera Raw that tells the software to, in the future, always open files through Camera Raw that have once been opened that way.  Here's a procedure that takes advantage of that:


          • Edit - Preferences - Camera Raw..., and set it to Automatically Open TIFFs with Settings.
          • File - Open As, choose Camera Raw for the type, and open all your raw files.  In the Camera Raw dialog, click [Done].  This will save settings and trigger the automatic opening behavior in the future.  However, other TIFF files that you have never forced through Camera Raw will still open to Photoshop directly.


          You don't need to do them all at once, you could always just do File - Open As, Camera Raw every time you see that message.



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            walterkurtz Level 1

            Hi Noel.


            Thanks for the info.


            My settings are already Automatically Open TIFFs with Settings so that's not an issue.


            I'm a little comfused by "File - Open As, choose Camera Raw for the type" because that's not an option. The only option is to open it as a smart object.


            Is it possible to email you one of the raw files and see if you can open it somehow?


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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              You're not seeing this selection in the Photoshop Open As dialog?  Granted, it will look different on the Mac, but the option should be there...




              If you'd like to eMail an image, or post it here, please feel free.  My eMail address is NCarboni >at< ProDigitalSoftware.com (format the address appropriately).



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                walterkurtz Level 1

                Actually, it doesn't look like that. It has ENABLE and below that FORMAT.


                I've emailed you a file to see if you have any luck.



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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  Hi Walter,


                  I received your file.  It seems too small for a Canon 1Ds raw file - only 6 megabytes.  Unfortunately it looks as though your original data has somehow been corrupted or lost.  Have you had any disk problems?


                  For good measure, I tried opening it with Photoshop versions CS through CS5, 32 and 64 bit, and all reported messages much like this one:




                  Do you have any backups from which you might recover your original files?



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                    walterkurtz Level 1

                    Here's how I work and what makes it weird:


                    I download all the files onto my computer and then I back them up onto an external hard drive AND burn them all to DVDs. Once I'm finished with the shoot, I delete all the files from my computer, leaving two back-ups in place. It is from the back-ups that I cannot open them.


                    I guess I'm simply screwed.


                    I appreciate your help very much.

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      I'm sorry I couldn't suggest anything more.  I tried opening it with IrfanView and it could not recognize any image format.  I even tried looking at the file with Canon's DPP, and all it does is put up a gray thumbnail with an X over it, with no metadata or anything available.



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                        Level 4



                        You wouldn't happen to be running NAV (Norton Anti Virus) would you?  On the Mac, NAV has been infamous for corrupting files and for preventing the parsing of EPS files.  In general, Mac users are widely and urgently advised to avoid anything with the Norton name on it.



                        Norton is NASTY stuff in OS X.  Stay away from anything with the Norton name if you're on any version of OS X, especially do NOT let anything with the Norton name (like Norton Anti Virus, File Saver) ever reside on your computer.


                        NAV (Norton Anti Virus) can lead to permanent file damage.  Files damaged by NAV are not recoverable.  NAV can also prevent many PostScript files from parsing, even if not damaged permanently.


                        Disk Doctor and Speed Disk are known to cause the kind of directory damage that can lead to kernel panics.




                        Another excellent reason to steer clear from all things Norton!


                        The kernel panic FAQ is divided by the order of most common occurrences of kernel panics:

                        • Directory
                        • Drivers
                        • Permissions
                        • RAM


                            1. A directory failure or user accidentally moving .kext files that should be left alone. The directory may fail, due to an accident caused by Norton Utilities or Systemworks, which may at random corrupt a directory even when trying to repair it. Norton Anti-Virus will not do this, but Norton Disk Doctor and Norton Speed Disk have a history of doing this[emphasis mine]