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    Troubleshooting .net installation


      Hi all, I have been having a lot of issues whilst trying to get .NET integration working on CF9. I have read through the other threads here but am still having issues. I'll take you through my problems and attempted solutions.


      First of all, I tried to access a simple class function within a .dll but got the dreaded "Class xxx not found in the specified assembly list." error. Strangely enough this error went away after I rebooted my computer and the class function started working sort of. To try and get it working completely I uninstalled my .NET integration and reinstalled it using the latest download from Adobe.


      After doing this I have tested the system I was using and am receiving the same "Class xxx not found in the specified assembly list." which was first not working then working now not working again. Then I decided to test the integration to see if it was working with System .dll's. So I used the following code:


      <cfobject type=".NET" name="pingClass" class="System.Net.NetworkInformation.Ping">


      <cfdump var="#pingClass#"/>


      Which gives me an error screen, with no heading, saying:


      coldfusion.runtime.dotnet.ProxyGenerationException at coldfusion.runtime.dotnet.ProxyGenerator._executeProxyGen(ProxyGenerator.java:192) at coldfusion.runtime.dotnet.ProxyGenerator.executeProxyGen(ProxyGenerator.java:149) at coldfusion.runtime.dotnet.ProxyGenerator.generateProxy(ProxyGenerator.java:118) at coldfusion.runtime.dotnet.Assembly.generateProxy(Assembly.java:299) at coldfusion.runtime.dotnet.Assembly.loadClass(Assembly.java:250) at coldfusion.runtime.dotnet.Assembly.loadClass(Assembly.java:225) at coldfusion.runtime.dotnet.DotNetProxyFactory.getProxy(DotNetProxyFactory.java:78)


      and the error.log file shows me an error stating:


      07/10/2011 12:57:33

      .NET exception = System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingException

      .NET exception message = invalid response preamble

      .NET-side stack trace =    at com.jnbridge.jnbproxy.JNBTcpTransportHelper.readPreamble(Stream stream, Boolean& isCompressed)

         at com.jnbridge.jnbproxy.JNBTcpClientTransportSink.ProcessMessage(IMessage msg, ITransportHeaders requestHeaders, Stream requestStream, ITransportHeaders& responseHeaders, Stream& responseStream)

         at com.jnbridge.jnbproxy.JNBBinaryClientFormatterSink.SyncProcessMessage(IMessage msg)

         at com.jnbridge.jnbcore.FailoverProxy.Invoke(IMessage msg)

         at System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies.RealProxy.PrivateInvoke(MessageData& msgData, Int32 type)

         at com.jnbridge.jnbcore.IJNBDispatcher.construct(String className, String[] signature, Array args)

         at com.jnbridge.jnbcore.ProxyJarFile..ctor(String name, Boolean is50Targeted)

         at com.jnbridge.jnbproxy.JNBProxy.generateJavaProxies(String[] classes, Options options, AppDomain dotNetAssembliesAppDomain, Hashtable refValueMap)

         at com.jnbridge.jnbproxy.JNBProxy.Main(String[] args)



      I'm really at a loss for what to do now. I could use some advice BADLY. I just need someone who knows more than me on this. I would really appreciate it.