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    ae won't launch

    markerline Level 4

      I'm getting an error upon launching after effects, even after having reinstalled the softwareae_error_launching.jpg

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          We need to know a lot more if we're going to help you.


          What version of After Effects? Have you installed the recent updates? What operating system? Has this ever worked before? What other software are you running? Do you have any third-party effects or codecs installed? Tell us about your computer hardware.

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            markerline Level 4

            Yes, sorry about leaving out so many details.  I was on my notebook which is where I was trying to run the app from.


            1) Newly installed MC CS 5.5 on secondary computer (notebook)

            2) Initial MC CS 5.5 installation failed from DVD's--it just froze, no error messages--I had to use Windows Task Manager to kill the process

            3) I chatted with Adobe Installation Support and they provided me with a link to try to install a d/l version of MC CS 5.5

            4) After Effects, Premiere, and one other app did not install because

            5) When I put the DVD #1 in again it had checkmarks next to those 3 applications to install them.

            6) No errors posted when I installed from the download version

            7) No errors posted when I reinstalled just those missing apps from the DVD but I can't be sure because I fell asleep during the process


            As far as my system configuration is concerned:

            1) RAM 8GB (I believe)

            2) HD 130 GB free/available with a partition devoted to (50GB-60GB) Windows Dev Preview

            3) no additional codecs but I do have CS4 and CS5 Master Collection installed.  CS 5.5 is an upgrade.


            I will try to install the updates as well.  On my primary computer Adobe Manager seemed to check for those updates and notify me of them automatically.  I hadn't even had the software installed long enough for Adobe Update Manager to kick in on the notebook.


            I hope this is enough info for now.  And thanks for responding.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              It would help to see the install logs from C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers....



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                markerline Level 4

                Todd:  Since the moment that I received your post I have attempted to do the updates via Adobe Update Manager.  It is currently only 26 percent complete and will take another 12 hours estimated time to finish.  This seems unusual but the Update manager is updating CS5.0 and CS5.5 simultaneously as I received notification to update both.  Strangely enough the Manager dialog did not mention After Effects CS5.5 update to 5.5.1 as you have listed in your link (I think?).


                I will have to update that manually once the first set of updates finishes.






                Adobe customer support actually uploaded my failed installation logs once prior to this thread but I will post them again.  I do not wish to post the entire document as an inline text thread though because that is too much scrolling for a window.  Can I attach it as a .log and a .txt file?  I seem to have both though I'm not sure right now--I'll have to check on the "completed" installation log section.

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                  markerline Level 4

                  That 10.5.1 update did nothing to resolve my fatal crash upon start error.

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                    markerline Level 4

                    Mylenium, I wouldn't even know how to attach a file that is as long as 3000 pages in MS Word converted to images.  I wish Jive would allow txt attachments.

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                      markerline Level 4

                      Not sure why I hadn't thought of this but it looks as though there was a driver conflict as revealed in the Windows Event Viewer.  I should have known to check there for any conflicts.  It was still difficult to find the missing file but tech support via chat helped me a great deal and we came to patch the problem though the real issue still remains.  What if I want that driver to be enabled?  And to have use of After Effects?  (The driver I'm talking about is a tablet-pen driver which enables pressure sensitivity on a HP TX2 notebook).  The same issue does not seem to replicate itself with my Wacom tablet on my primary desktop.

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