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    Creating virtual tours on the internet

      Is Director the best program for creating virtual tours out of panoramic shot jpg's? If not, what is? Flash? Fireworks?
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          Director can certainly do it, and you could make use of director's 3d hardware capabilities. If your panoramic images are a cylindrical map, spherical map or cube map, you'd probably get best results by using the image as a texture mapped to the inside faces of the appropriately shaped 3d primitive (cylinder, box or sphere).

          You might also want to look into quicktime VR, if you don't want to get into the programming side of things.

          - Ben
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            Bens got the right idea. Either way, be aware that you are gonna rely on the end user having either quicktime or shockwave player installed on their machine. QuicktimeVR is indeed very simple to use, shockwave however is alot more flexible. There are great examples out there, try googling skybox for starters.