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    Where to start with building a horizontally scrolling menu bar

    Chris Callaghan

      I have a number of web and AIR based Flex apps under my belt now but have come across a custom component I need to make and not sure where to start.


      I would like to generate a horizontal scrolling menu like this...




      ... where you hold your mouse down on either arrow, the menu will scroll accordingly.


      I have a number of different starting points but not sure what is best... do I edit skins... do I work with lists... scrollers...?


      I was thinking I could take a spark list in horzontal layout and edit its scrollers Hscrollbar skin so that the thumb and track were invisible and the increment & decrement buttons appear outside the group - that way I could skin everything up nicely and at the end of the day have a simple list... but no luck with the skins so far.


      Any ideas???