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    Stage video on desktop (AIR)

    abeymg Level 1

      Is it true that Air 3 does not support stage video on the desktop?.Really? FP 11 can but AIR 3 cant??

      The hype around AIR3 at Max got us really interested, but as I am investigating the details of getting a multi-platform high-fidelity video player built in AIR, I must say its extremely dissapointing.


      Here are some of the show-stoppers I have found so far:


      1. AIR 3 cant leverage stage video on the desktop ?

      2. AS3 apps (AIR 2.5) cannot play RTMP streams on Samsung devices (see http://forums.adobe.com/message/3957644#3957644)


      Anybody from Adobe care to comment?



      - abey