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    multiple digital signatures from one person

    ditto9888 Level 1

      I have a PDF form that has 10 pages, each page has a Signature field.

      I want to put this form in the WorkSpace, and route it in a workflow process, eventually route it to the user who is supposed to sign it.


      But I don't want him to sign 10 times (one for each page).

      Is it possible to let him only sign the first page, and all the other 9 pages get applied with his signature automatically?

      How to do that?



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          SForrest96 Level 4

          You could have a process that leverages the "Digital Signatures" functionality of LiveCycle.  You could apply the signatures on the server side.  You would need to make sure that the signer's digital certificate was imported into the "Credentials" section of the trust store.  LiveCycle needs access to the P12 or PFX file to create the signature.


          I am not aware of any way to automate the signature process on the client side.