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    Netstream seek problem


      Hi guys/gals


      Ive built an online application using the standard netstream object. all works fine with loading and playing the video, but im having terrible trouble with the seeking. i understand that the seek command will find the nearest seek point but its not its about 3 seconds out.


      after lots of research it appears that this is down to the encoding of the video file and the meta data missing the "seekpoints". im using MP4's for video quality and i havent got the option to go to FLVs where i can use keyframes.


      my question is how can i get a file to have the seekpoint metadata(is this at encoding) or am i missing something to improve seeking? if i can get a list of the seek point i can stick them in an array and use this to find closest seek point to be more exact.


      any help on this would be really appriciated!


      thanks nathan