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    Having Voice Over problem with CS5


      Have Creative Sounblaster/front back inputs-drivers up to date

      Used head set with mic; Koss single mic and rode ntg-2 ; went to preference audio and hardware-set it up for creative-it doen't want the other input.

      The audio 1 line in--the best i can do is get a small green line of audio in audio 1 and master. I am in audio mixer mode. I have gone to control panel and identified the mic as well as seeing the audio move up/down. This does not translate, audio output/in in prem. pro. Alas i am stuck and need help.

      Note: Have 2T  (7200) on c and other drives. I7 and 12gb of ram.




      PS. did front and back jacks-same results. Music/audio from other inputs OK.

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          Andrey V Level 2

          Use Adobe Audition. Set it so that it will not stop recording when on the background, and start recording then switch to Premiere and watch your video clip recording your voice over and at the end just import recorded audio

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            leo'ssite Level 1

            I don't have Adobe Audition but will look into it as well. Just an FYI, I did not realize that there was an extra step that I was unaware of. In preference/hardware, I needed to activate the asio section which opened another box. Once I indicated the mic I was using, no problem. The problem was solved by my nephew in 5 minutes. Oh well, learn something new everyday. Thanks for your input.