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    Can Flip videos be converted to PreEl?


      I need to convert Flip Ultra videos (mpeg4) to a format that Premiere Elements 9 can use to incorporate into a DVD photo slide show that would work on any DVD player. There are many video converter programs available that profess to be able to do this. Presently I'm considering purchasing AVS Video converter ($39.95) which is ranked #1 by http://http://video-converter-software-review.toptenreviews.com/ , Does anyone have an input (recommendation) that would help me in my effort?

      Additionally, I need to burn some of my Flip videos individually to a DVD that would play on any DVD player. The AVS video converter susposedly can do this using a DVD burn feature inherent in their software. The Flip DVD burn process only burns to a computer playable DVD and doesn't work in a regular DVD player.

      I would be very thankful for any inputs that would relieve the frustrations of my efforts.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          I have not encountered any Flip footage, so have not explored conversion. I also do not know AVS Video Converter, as I use an older version (2.7) of DigitalMedia Converter from Deskshare.


          However, what you are describing, regarding the DVD's is a common tripping-point.


          First, what you want is a DVD-Video, which will play on a DVD (and BD players too), and the production of such a disc is referred to as "authoring." PrE has an authoring module, and there are specific programs, that do DVD-Video authoring, like Sony's DVD Architect.


          What one gets, when they just burn a file to a DVD disc is a DVD-Data. PrE cannot do that, but there are many burning programs, that can. One is the great, free ImgBurn, but there are many more.


          As you note, the DVD-Data is the file(s) in their original format, and to play such a disc, one would do it from a computer, with an appropriate software player for that file type. The other side of DVD's, is that with a DVD-Video, to play that on a computer, one needs a DVD software player, such as CyberLink's PowerDVD. In this latter case, the DVD-Video will also play on a DVD/BD player, hooked to a TV.


          Just a little background, and some terminology, that might be helpful in your search for a conversion program.


          Also, have you tried the footage from the Flip camera in a PrE 9.0 "Flip camera" Preset Project. I was my understanding that with the proper Preset, in PrE9.0, or 10, the Flip footage edited natively, and well, but again, I have not needed to try that out.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            If you have version 9, do not convert the video. Premiere Elements 9 is designed to work with Flip video.


            Open a new project and, in the Settings, select the Flip video presets.


            Then, in the project, go to Get Media/From Flip, AVCHD or Hard Disk Camera to download the video via the Video Importer.


            You should then be able to edit the video in its native form and use Share/To Disc to create your DVD.


            BUT DO NOT CONVERT THE VIDEO. You will only make it harder to work with.

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              19sanray Level 1

              Steve -

              Thanks for the great info. You saved me from making a mistake and attempting to use a video conversion program which I'm sure, as you mention, would have made my effort much more complicated (and expensive)! Pre El 9 worked great just as you explained. I used it to convert images directly from my Flip Ultra camera. However, I believe I can use it to convert some of the camera's Flip images I have previously saved in my video files also?

              I have one other question. Can I use some of these converted video files and combine then with some PE 9 images to make a slide show (i.e., combined video strips and still photos) that can be burned to a DVD and playable in a home DVD player?

              I'm a novice user of PreEl so I'm struggling somewhat in editing the video strips trying to cut end portions of the strips where i forgot to turn the camera off! I guess that's just a part of the learning process -- as I'm sure the creation of a combined slide show (if possihble) will also be.

              Once again, thanks so much for your experieced and informed help in my efforts. Please keep up your great work in helping us all.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                You certainly can.


                If you are creating a slideshow for DVD, first use Share/Computer/AVI with a DV preset to create an AVI of your finished Flip video project.


                Then open a new project, one using the DV project settings. Impor this AVI into it.


                Make sure all of your photos are sized to no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size and import them into this project also. Then just assemble your movie.


                When you're done, use Share/To Disc to create your DVD.


                I give you step by step instructions for all of these things, along with some tips and tricks, in my books if you're interested.


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                  19sanray Level 1

                  Bill -

                  Thanks for your reply. I especially appreciate the time and detail of your explanation of DVD video burning and playback. And, you are correct PreEl 9 can convert Flip images directly so I stayed away from a video conversion program (see my response to Steve's reply). As always, your detailed help is much appreciated. Keep on educating us all.      

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    You are most welcome, and good luck with the Project.



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                      19sanray Level 1

                      Steve -

                      Wanted you to know I just now placed an order with Amazon for your Muvipix.com Guide to PS El & PreEl 9 and also your Guide to Adobe PreEl 9 (color version). I have several flip videos I have saved from various trips and didn't realize they could be utilized in PreEl 9 to create a DVD incorporating photos from PS El and overlaying some sound tracks to form a combined video and still photo show on a DVD. Your books are highly recommended and I know they will be a valuable ally to my efforts.

                      Thnaks very much for your help provided in this discussion. I am looking forward to becoming more familiar with PS El and PreM El 9 through the education and instruction of your writings.


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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Thank you so much for supporting the books, Sanray! I hope that you find them very helpful!