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    Adobe Digital Editions does not detect my e-reader


      Can anyone help please? My Adobe Digital Editions does not detect my Sony e-reader and does not appear in my bookshelves. My laptop detects the device without any issues but Adobe does not - I have re-installed twice but still the same.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Re-installing is not the answer.  Most likely, the issue is either the

          sequence of events that you go through, whether the SONY ereader is

          supported and whether it is registered properly.  Let me go through these in

          reverse order.  I am assuming (dangerous) that the SONY is 'new to you'.  If

          not, then please accept my apologies.


          You start with making sure that the SONY ereader is supported by Adobe

          Digital Editions (ADE from now on).  Check the list of supported devices

          HERE <http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices>.  If it

          is, then you know that the rest of the process should work.


          Next, attach the ereader to your computer.  Let's assume a Windows

          machine: plug it into a USB port and wait for Windows to recognise it and

          tell you your hardware is ready to use.  If you've done this before, check

          that Windows has added your ereader as a device by going to My Computer and

          looking at the disk drives.  Your ereader should show up.  Then, if you

          haven't registered the ereader with SONY, you should go to their website.

          It will look for attached ereaders and confirm that it finds yours.

          Register it with SONY, using your Adobe ID and password.  SONY will then

          write a small record onto the ereader, which ADE needs to see.  Close the

          SONY website.


          Next, bring up ADE.  If all is well, ADE will recognise your ereader and it

          will show up on your bookshelf.  If there's a problem with the ereader, ADE

          will tell you that, and we can go from there.


          If all is well, you can transfer your ebooks via drag and drop.  When you're

          done, close ADE, but don't disconnect your SONY until it tells you it's

          finished updating itself.  THEN eject it via My Computer or the small icon

          in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen.


          Hope this helps!



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            Hi I have been given an ereader from china - it is not in the supported list - from the spec it states that it supports epub & pdf with or with out adobe drm - should it work ? - I do not have the device yet,as it is in the post. this will be my first time using an ereader, how will I know if I can transfure ebooks from my pc to the ebook reader ?, I have so far installed adobe digital editions & down loaded an ebook from my library on the my pc, which I have been able to read. but what is the proceedure for the next step. what can I expect.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              You have the answer from Jim Lester, but let me make a comment please.


              The main issue is that anyone with either an ereader, tablet or smartphone

              can claim that their device supports certain formats, such as epub.  Don't

              believe everything you read.


              What's missing is whether or not it's gonna work in your situation.  Some

              devices will work just fine - with another software package, but not

              necessarily with Adobe Digital Editions.  As Jim says, if it's on the list,

              Adobe has tested it and it works with ADE.  If it's not on the list, chances

              aren't good - and it's a crapshoot.  You could try Overdrive or Bluefire

              software and see if it works for you with your Chinese ereader.  Or, you

              could try to sell it on eBay and buy one that's on Adobe's list....