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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 Titler Crashing on start up

    realimagesvideo Level 1

      I am having a recent issue with titler. Premiere Pro CS5.5's titler is crashing constantly when opened. I can not open any previous projects that involve the titler or have titles in it. Last night I was finishing up a project (of course) that has titles in it. This morning when I tried to open the project, I got the BLUE SCREEN of death. I rebooted and was able to open premiere pro cs5.5 but it didn't show any of the previous recent projects. It was as though everything got reset including my preferences. I tried to open my project that has the titles in it and premiere pro cs5.5 crashes immediately. I then try just opening a blank project and everything is fine. While in this blank project, opening the titler causes an immediate crash.


      Now, I still have premiere pro cs5 on the computer so I go and open a blank project in cs5 and everything is fine. I try opening the titler in cs5 and everything is fine. I try opening in cs5 my cs5.5 project that has the titles and that works. It opens and functions as it should.  But of course it is a real pain because my linked cs5.5 after effect sequences are not backward compatible. I reinstalled premiere pro cs5.5 and tried everything (above) again but met with the same results. I have the latest windows and Quadro 3800 Nvida updates. I have been editing on this system for nearly a year with cs5 and about 3 months with cs5.5 (production premium)


      Computer spec:

      Desk top i7 2.8gHz

      Qudro 3800 with latest drives

      Window 7 professional last drivers

      24 gig of ram

      7terabites of hard drive space.