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    Problem with Strobe effect and Keyframe placement?

    Rkenosha Level 1

      HI, I did a little tutorial with a spinning earth map and lens flare. There are three layers. The bottom layer is the black solid. The lens flare is on that layer. The second layer would be the round earth map. The third and topmost layer is the a text layer. To the text on that layer I have apllied a gloss effect, emboss and a light sweep. All this works fine and runs for 5 seconds. What I am trying to accomplish is that after the 5 second run, it is a 10 second comp, I want the text in the text layer to strobe. When I add the strobe effect, I cannot get it to start on the 5 second position on the time line. Do I have too many effects already? Do I need to do something else?

      Thanks Roman