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    Video stops but progress bar continues on



      I have an issue with video playback on my LMS.  On a page with a video, the video starts and then shortly after stops (progress bar shows buffering).  The progress bar then continues on and sometimes goes to the end and triggers the next page.  Unfortunetly, the video may start up during this time and is cut short.  I am running 7.0.7. 


      So far the things I have tried:


      • Included a 20 second buffer page before first video file - Did not seem to help
      • Selected "Download slides completely before playback" - Seemed to make it worse
      • Reduced the file size of each video by 1/2 - Helped but still occurs



      Most of these ideas are from a forum or two.  Any additional ideas that I can try to better help.....Thanks 

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          VideoPep Level 2



          Just want to check how mauch is network bandwith and what type of network connection you are using. With low bandwidth and wireless connecton usually cotent take time to lad from server.



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            shinso01 Level 1

            Hello Shubhi,

            I would need to get the tech info for you but we have many courses using other programs such as Articulate that do not run into this problem. I have reduced the four FLV files down by half to 1,2,3, and 4 meg. The main issue seems to be is the progress bar continues on even if the video is buffering. Thanks for any help...


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              BooneDawks Level 1

              It sounds like you are trying to stream .flv files using Presenter 7.07.  Are the video files stored on the same server as your LMS content or somewhere else.  Since you are using .flv, are you streaming them with calls to RTMP?  Is there any difference by calling using RTMPT?


              How large are the videos now?  You can check your current speed by running a quick speed test.  I see quite different results on fast vs slow connections for the streaming functionality.

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                shinso01 Level 1

                Hello BooneDawks,

                Sorry I have moved everything over to Articulate Presenter and it works fine in this program. The four FLV video file sizes were 1, 2, 3, and 4M. All files were located on the LMS along with the program.  Due to the time frame I needed to fix this in a hurry, so I had t try other means.  Once I have more time, I will play with it again.  Thanks