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    Posting data to another server with CFHTTP and putting data inside the posting URL

    ACS LLC Level 1

      I have some code that posts data to a 3rd party server, right now I'm just testing it internally to me own mock receive script.


      I use

      <cfhttp url = "#GetCampaignList.camp_posting_url#" method = "post" throwonerror="yes">


      and then I pass some variables using


      <cfhttpparam type="URL" name="#FindFieldName.mapping_name#" value="Whatever I want in here">


      All of this works, however, I changed the posting URL in the CFHTTP so that is also had some url variables in it so is ended with lets say ?testvariable=99


      When I do this the testvariable seems to be appended to the first variable sent the CFHTTPPARAM and it also joins with a ?


      Is it not possible to combine both or do I have to tweak something to make it happen?