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    Mono Audio Questions

    lewisfilms Level 1

      I'm having a hard time understanding what Premiere is doing with my meda's audio.


      I have imported DSLR clips.  The audio is stereo and is labeled that way in the project panel.  However, I can't seem to manipulate (mute or individually select) the left and right channels.  Why is this? 



      I tried to do some research and found that there is a way to set how Premiere imports audio (stereo or mono).  I tried this with a piece of music, and the music now occupies two tracks, but I can't move the music clip to any other tracks.  Why is Premiere forcing the music to the bottom track of the timeline?  Also, I noticed that if i tried to adjust the volume on the music, only one track is affected, instead of the pair of mono. 


      Ultimately, would like to be able to have my media's audio as mono and invidually adjustable.  I also want to have my music come in as mono, but operate as a stereo-pair.  (like Final Cut Pro)


      Is this possible?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          No, it's not.  Stereo and mono are treated differently.  If you want something to affect both channels, it will need to be a stereo track.  If you want to adjust the channels individually, they'll need to be mono.  You can't have both at the same time.


          As for why the mono tracks go where they go, it's because a clip can only go onto a like track - stereo clip to stereo track, and the same for mono.


          What I would do is bring them all in as they are - stereo.  For the camera clips, I normally apply the Fill Left/Right effect as appropriate.  This sends one channel to both speakers, effectively making it mono.  If I need both channels of the clip, I duplicate it and apply the opposite Fill effect


          As for music, well...stereo is the norm.  Just leave it that way..

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            If you wish to address each channel separately, then Edit in Audition (CS 5.5), or Edit in Soundbooth (CS 5) native, will allow you to work on each channel separately. PrPro is first a video editor, and though it does offer a lot in the audio arena, it is not a full audio-editor.


            Jim has covered the mono vs stereo aspect, but this ARTICLE might shed a bit more light on things.


            Good luck, and hope that helps,