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    Sound problem

      I and a few others recently had a project in school where we were suppose to develop a game of our choice in one week.
      The deadline has now passed, but we had a problem we never really solved. The players of the game are really dependent on the sound that has to be played at the exact moment when the player pushes a key.

      Unfortunally this is also where the problem occurs. The sound is in most cases being played just as we wanted, but the sound is far to often being delayed for about half a second.

      Every time a key is being pushed, a handler is being called. For example this one:

      on PlayLeftDrum me
      _soundChannel = 2
      Sound( _soundChannel ).Play( [ #Member: pLeftDrum ] )

      pLeftDrum is a *.wav sound file and it has been preloaded.

      Any suggestions how I can remove this delay?

      The game can be find here:
      Use the arrow-keys as controls.

      It's rather tricky, we didn't have time to make an slower " introduction" level. But you should discover the problem pretty quickly. :)
      Also, give it a few seconds to "breath" in the menu while things are being preloaded (5-10 seconds should be enough).

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          Level 7
          I assume you are using the updateStage command to immediately trigger a
          pupppetsound, ( if the score frame update rate is slow this can make the
          sould a bit more immediate)

          If director's ram is low it might start swapping members in and out,
          even once preloaded members can be dumped in low ram condition, multiple
          3D members can add up. You might test it with graphics stripped out to
          a minimum.

          You can lower system overhead a bit by converting your soulds down from
          44k to 22k sample rate, 11K might be OK for bass drums.