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    movie clip swaping problem


      I am making a ballon shooter game in flash 8.I made a buying feature.So, when you click on a buy button next to a weapon image after you finish a level, crosshair should change.

      for a button(the frame that the button is in) i made this action

      btn0.onPress = function() {

          movieX = aim._x;

          movieY = aim._y;


          _root.attachMovie("uzi","uzi",0,{_x:movieX, _y:movieY});



      and for the button itself this


      frame 6 is level 2.

      So when you click on a buy button it should direct you to frame 6 with another crosshair.7

      but the problem is when i click on a buy button the crosshair changes but it directs me to frame 1 with the second crosshair.

      pls help.