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    ade will not display epub books from itunes


      Has anyone had this problem. I have several free books in epub format that has been downloaded through itunes. as I do not have iphone, itouch or ipad I thought that ade would allow me to view these on the computer or shift to a different reading device. However when I add to the library the book will add but displays nothing but white pages. an icon does not appear next to the file name either - like when the computer needs to search the internet for something to open with


      can anyone help as this is very frustrating

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          The only application that you can view content purchased from Apple is iBooks, which right now is only available on iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad).  The DRM that Apple locks the content with prevents it from being viewed on any other ePub viewer such as ADE.

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            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

            Let me add to Jim Lester's answer.  You're running into the uniqueness of

            platform implementation of digital rights management.  Apple has used a

            different digital rights method for epublication management than Adobe - or,

            for that matter, Amazon, SONY, Barnes and Noble and others.  So, if the

            source for your ebooks is through Apple, you end up having to utilize their

            hardware and software.


            This can be VERY frustrating.  But the underlying point is that you can't

            assume that, if an ebook is in .epub format, it's transportable among all

            devices, regardless of its origin.  What you could do is to look for the

            same materials elsewhere, perhaps on another site, or at a library, and see

            if you could download them from there.


            I hope this helps!