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    Spool file is too large



      We are using Adobe X and printing to an HP 4100. Print Driver: HP Universal PrintingPCL 6 (v5.1)


      We are experiencing different spool file sizes for the same file. The file is a simple 1 page PDF - size: 6K.


      When we checked PRINT AS IMAGE - the spool file was over 1.5MB.  We found the best results with Print as Image NOT checked, Raster set to Maximum Compression, Print Optimazations and Advanced Printing Features ENABLED.


      However, when the PDF is accessed via an application which launches Adobe X and the PDF is previewed, and then printed, the spool file is 247KB.


      When the same application launches Adobe without preview mode and sends the file directly to the printer, the spool file size is 7KB.


      When we launch Adobe X directly, outside of the application, and print the same file, the spool file is 37KB.


      In each case above, the Printer, Driver and Settings were the same.


      The command used in the application is:


      SHELL C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 10\Acrobat\AcroRd32.exe /p (or /d depending on preview)

      + path where it will be saved + file name . pdf


      What can we do to minimize the size of the spool file?