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    CS4 automating image placement



      I'm looking for something to help me automate my catalogs. I would like to be able to go into my file, choose a slot in which I want to place my image, place the image, and the other images that precede that slot will move to the next slot to make room for the new image. Any ideas? I managed to place the image in a text box and wrap it so that it appears in the following text box if I add another image but I would rather InDesign recognize this as an image instead of an object in a text box.


      Thanks, Maribel

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          Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

          i don't know how the catalog was created to start with. if the catalog is created by placing lots of text from word or the like and pictures need to be added afterwards, this could be a frustrating experience.


          if the catalog is about to be created, i'd recommend using:


          * indesign's data merge feature (see this link: http://www.theindesigner.com/blog/episode-43-data-merge-video)

          * a third party plug-in for indesign such as emcatalog; or

          * indesign's support for XML.


          there are plenty of videos on youtube and the like for indesign's data merge; slightly less for indesign plus XML; and i know very little about the third party plugins to build catalogs as i don't actually use any - only what's available within the off-the-shelf version of indesign.


          ultimately, data merge is great for making catalogs where each entry is roughly the same size and shape. XML is better when a catalog is more like a line listing, such as a phone book, parts listing, or any text which becomes one massive text thread over many pages.


          both ways above have ways of bringing in pictures so long as they are linked appropriately. too detailed to go into but as i say, there are dozens of videos out there which may yield some answers.


          has this been helpful or have i missed the mark?