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    Simple Customised slideshow on demand - scripting help...


      I am looking to develop a simple flash progrma that allows me to create custom slide shows on the fly.  I have about 8 different countries that i have photos for and I want to have a front page that via checkboxes you can select the countries to view which will then populate a slideshow/gallery with the relevant photos.  As I am new to flash any assistance or guidance in how I might go about this would be most appreciated.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Start by getting a simple slideshow working without the added complication of dynamically defining what it will display. You will want to design it utilizing a data-based dynamic approach wherein you ultimately populate an array with the slide information and use the array to step thru displaying the slides.  After you have the basics working, then look into the selective aspect of its workings.


          If you expect the images an numbers of countries will change over time, then you should look into ether using a formal database (such as mySQL) or at least an xml-based external data source instead of building the data into the file.  Ultimately, the data c/would be presented to the file in XML form in either case, so your best bet to get a start is to search Google using terms like "AS3 XML slideshow tutorial"

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