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    Red at end of SWF


      I have a turn table render of jewelry that I have brought into after effects. The frames loop properly when I render the project out in the mov. file format, but when I export as a swf. and set it to loop I get a pause at the end of the clip with nothing but a full red screen before it loops again. So the clip plays all the way through but before it will loop again there is a long pause (20secs) with a bright red screen before it plays the clip again. Anyone know why this is happening? Thanks


      Attached are 3 snap shots of the same swf. while it's playing. I compiled them together in photoshop and painted on them to help demonstrate what I am talking about.






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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Anyone know why this is happening?


          You're rendering to SWF directly, which simply is not smart. Red stage in an SWF indicates usually transparency issues. And the delay is normal - you are embedding a JPEG sequence which makes the file large by comparison and all that loading and unlaoding takes time when the playhead jumps back to the beginning. Seriously consider using Flash Catalyst or Flash Pro to build the actual SWF and simply export an image Sequence or an FLV clip from AE...



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            ZanderH85 Level 1

            Thank you Mylenium for the help. I am a newb when it comes to this. I have Flash CS3, could you walk me through the steps I need inorder to import still images and publish them as a swf.? From after effects which image format should I use for rendering my stills (there are layers with transparency and layers with colors that probably range past white)?

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              ZanderH85 Level 1

              Ok I have downloaded a trial version of Flash Catalyst CS5.5 and I have correctly imported my After Effects project as a Flash Video File (FLV), but when I publish the Catalyst project as a swf file and try and open the published swf file with flash player it doesnt seem to play anything. The flash player opens up and there is nothing but a white comp. Not sure how to get this to work right but all I would like is a swf file without that red that I was getting.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                There are a bunch of tutorials out there on using Flash Catalyst. Try Adobe TV. That will get you started.

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                  ZanderH85 Level 1

                  I am looking for steps on how to create an optimized swf. I tried creating the swf. file in After Effects the file was very large and had that red stage effect that Mylenium mentioned. The After Effects project does contain layers with transparency. I tried publishing the swf. in Flash Catalyst. The offline presentation works just fine but it opens in a browser which is not what I was expecting (I was expecting it to open in flash player). When I open the swf. file with flash player I just get a white stage with absolutely no content. Is this because the file is too large? I just want a swf. file without that red stage.

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                    Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                    Is this because the file is too large?


                    No, it's because there are no instructions how to play it. That code is embedded in the HTML source code and commonly referred to as "Flashvars". That's why it also opens in a browser - it displays the HTML file rather than just the SWF. If you want it to auto-play under any circumstances, you need to apply the respective behavior in Flash Catalyst or the respective script snippet in Flash, so this gets embedded into the SWF file directly.