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    Problems w/ Full Motion Capture

      Everytime I try to record a full motion action (mostly to record websites as they are scrolled down) Captivate returns a blank slide. After the blank slide the movie continues normally from the next full screenshot.

      I've tried manually recording full motion, recording in lower resolution, disabling hardware acceleration, restarting the computer, and reinstalled Captivate three times (once using the 'Clean Re-Install Tech Note'). I'm running on a system that is not more than five months old, and the specs are more than adequate for Captivate.

      Does anyone have any suggestions? Even if it's something extremely obvious that would make me look like an idiot - it's that frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi John and welcome to our community

          I'm wondering if you are seeing a screen painting issue. I do know that when recording web pages or web applications using Captivate, you often end up with blank screens because Captivate snaps a screenshot immediately and the page simply hasn't had time to load. So I'm wondering if this is the issue here. Does it only occur with one specific site? If so, I'm wondering if it's got something to do with possibly a Java Applet or possibly Flash content not being recorded properly. What are the settings for your Full Motion Recording mode? (Options > Recording Options... > Full motion recording tab) Are you using hardware acceleration or not? Have you tried both ways?

          Just thinking out loud about possible things to try.

          Cheers... Rick
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            jl1138 Level 1
            Hi Rick, thanks for your reply (that was fast!)

            I'm doubtful of the screen painting issue you brought up. I've tested the full motion feature under different circumstances (tried other websites, dragging files from one folder to another, trying to scroll through a My Computer or Windows Explorer screen) and the results are the same. It records the mouse moving to the scroll bar and clicking, then the movie goes white, and reappears with what I assume is the last frame of the motion capture in a new slide. Effectively I end up with three slides: beginning, motion capture (blank), and end.

            I tried running FMC with both hardware acceleration on and off. In recording options, I've tried it with autorecord on and also manually. I've tried turning down the video quality from 80 (default, I think) to 70; and tried switching the color mode from 16bit to 32 bit. I changed the working folder to simpy c:\ (in case there was an issue writing to the hard drive). I also tried running it with the higher capture rate, with no success.

            Could there be a conflict with another program? Virus Protection maybe? I tried turning the 'Real Time File Protection' feature off, but that didn't work either.

            Again, thanks for the help...


            p.s. I'm not sure if this would be a contributing issue, but I also seem to be a user that receives the rare and mysterious "Can't Allocate DIB Handle" when I try to run Menu Builder. I don't really have a need for Menu Builder at present, so I didn't give it much thought. Do you think the issues are related?
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              Smyley Level 1
              I'm having this exact same issue--when I click and drag the scroll bar during recording, I get a blank white screen instead of a full motion capture. I know it's not related to the screen's refresh rate--I always take an extra screen shot just to be sure.

              My recording options are set the same as my co-workers', and their systems are doing full motion just fine.

              Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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                Smyley Level 1
                I was able to resolve my issue. Last week I read this article about getting Captivate to put periods on sentences when it automatically creates captions. Based on the article, I modified my CaptureTextTemplates_English.rdl file. And apparently I did it wrong! Fortunately I saved a copy of the file, and when I restored the original version this afternoon everything worked again. Whew!
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                  If the problem did arise form the painting issue is any way to force Captivate to delay taking the screen shot for a couple of seconds? Many of the apps I use take a couple of seconds to load and some people on my team don't realize they misssed capturing screens.