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    FP11 Linux Hardware Acceleration?

    Dave Farrance

      Which graphics chipsets have hardware-acceleration support in FP11 for Linux?


      The FP11 release note seems to imply that its content refers to all FP11 OS versions, since it doesn't say otherwise, and it mentions the system requirements for all FP11's OS versions, but that might just be loose writing.


      The last I heard was that the hardware acceleration for the Flash Player for Linux only worked with nVidia's more recent chipsets like their ION chipset. is that still true?


      For example, what's the hardware-acceleration status for the built-in GPUs in the Intel i3/i5/i7 processors? Those processors have been available for about two years now and are becoming ubiquitous in laptops, so I'd have though that they had become about as fundamental a support requirement as you can get.