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    Imac setup for editing - Harddrive question


      hia everyone


      i just switched from "ibm" to osx (i didnt want to use my gamerig anymore for editing, even tho it lightning fast), so got myself a nifty imac 27inch i7 3,4.


      but now im wondering, my  gamerig has multiple harddrives in it on Raid 10 but my imac only has 1 drive (i got the stock 1000gb hdd),

      is it possible to get a external drive on raid 0 setup for  HD editing, or dont you need it on a imac?

      or isnt the firewire fast enough for editing purposes and only good for backup files and rendering projects ?


      and last but not least, will the thunderbolt drives be sufficient enough for editing, or is the stock drive fast enough for HD rendering?


      your ideas and thoughts are much appreciated





      Imac 27 inch i7 3,4ghz 12gb ddr3 6970 2gb hdd 1000gb



      yesyes, i know, i wouldnt have this problem if i build myself a other "ibm" based system, but i just love how the imac lookes on my desk

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Yeah, iMAC's are like hookers, they look good, are expensive and afterwards you will seriously wonder why you spent the money.


          If you don't mind lousy performance and prefer the looks on your desk, great. If you want to save money, get much better performance for editing and similar looks on your desk, get rid of the iMAC and get a PC.


          The alternative is to get a couple of thunderbolt drives $$$ and still you are handicapped with the ATI card, that is not capable of hardware MPE.