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    Movie proportions in Premier Pro CS 5.5


      I have been given video footage and while it is .mov format, I don't know it's native proportions or any information about it and I don't know how to find out so that I can import it properly into Premier Pro and have it scale properly.


      I have tried importing it into differently configured sequences and each time, the people look tall and skinny (more so than usual).  Sometimes there's a black border on either side, sometimes they fit the frame and are disproportinately tall and skinny.  Clearly my ratio or something is off kilter but I can't seem to figure out which is the right size.


      How do I find that out?




      ok, I had been told it was not shot in high def...but on a hunch, I tried HDV 720p and it imported proportionally.   So my question still stands...how the heck can I tell before I use the file, what it was shot in so I can match my sequence appropriately?