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    running local-trusted flash on a website


      Hi all,

      hope this question isn't already answered somewhere here, but I googled for 2 hours and didn't find anything useful...


      according to this documentation for Flex 3 (part "Trusted sites and directories") it should be possible to run a flash movie in a local-trusted sandbox on a web page.

      Trusted sites and directories

      The browser security model includes levels of trust applied to specific websites. Flash Player interacts with this model by assigning a sandbox based on whether the browser declared the site of the SWF file's origin trusted.

      If Flash Player loads a SWF file from a trusted website, the SWF file is put in the local-trusted sandbox. The SWF file can read from local data sources and communicate with the Internet.


      Did somebody manage to get this working?

      I tried to add site  to trusted websites in Internet Explorer 9, but it still keeps running in a remote sandbox. I also tried to set site url as trusted location in global security section of flash settings manager (on adobe webpage), but this also didn't work...


      Any ideas?