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    passing objects to my database!

    whitefinger Level 1

      Could someone just let me know if im on the right tracks please as i keep getting errors and i just want to know that i can do it this way?


      So instead of sending loads of variables to my amf php script from flash builder i decide to create my first class object of clients with get and set functions


      i then import the valueObjects.Clients into my Component


      and then instantiate the object, var ClientData:Client = new Client();


      I then set variables in the object by calling the set functons i.e ClientData.ClientsFname = ClientFname.text;


      but when i call the the function in my component to add the object to my database i just get lots of Nulls showing in the database!!! customerService.createClients(ClientData);

      but if i put a trace("Add client data " + ClientData.ClientFname); it will show the name in the client object


      the SET function is ClientsFname

      and the GET function is ClientFname


      But i know what your thinking perhaps my amf php function dont work! but when i test the function in flash builder   Data/Services with some test data it will work then!!


      So i am now confussed


      any idea's