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    All of a Sudden, My Flash Player Has Stopped Working


      Early Friday afternoon (just yesterday), my Flash Player was working fine.  I am using Mozilla's Firefox on a Windows 7 computer (Dell Inspiron 530S).   Then, inexplicably, it failed.  Several websites reported that something couldn't be displayed because I didn't have Adobe's Flash Player installed.  Gotta tell you, I wasn't making any changes to the operating system nor to the browser.  In fact, I wasn't changing ANY of my settings on ANY computer.  Then Friday evening, Flash Player simply stopped working.


      I UN-installed the existing program, re-booted, then RE-installed Flash Player and, again, there is no message saying INSTALLED SUCCESSFULLY.  Could any of these be a delayed result of the the latest version of Firefox, which was released on 9/30/2011, about a week ago?


      Now, I can't even install the Acrobat after uninstalling IT.


      Any ideas?