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    "Flex Data Visualization Trial" watermark




      Can please someone help me remove the watermark out of the datavizualization components? I use Flex 3.5 sdk and Flex Builder 3.0 Professional Edition with a license key. And please, do not suggest to upgrade to Flash Builder. I have a huuuuge project split in N parts and seems impossible.

      So, if anyone could help me? I have modified the flex-config with the license key. I have tried even the compiling with license as argument, no success....


      Thank you

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          flexBeginner2008 Level 1

          Hello again, for anyone who had the same problem and couldn't solve it with the common steps for registering flex builder, here it is what helped: downaload the swc of the datavisualization corresponding to the sdk it is being in use. Remove all previous refferences to datavisualization.swc in your project and add referrences to the new file. Do a clean build and should all work. Good luck!