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    Help!!! My video disappears in my interactive .swf export


      After exporting my InDesign file as an interactive .SWF file, I view its html file on my desktop and

      everything is working perfectly.  Once I upload the files (the Resource file, the

      .swf file and the html file) everything looks great until I see the page with my video clip.  When turning

      to that page, I see the video image for a split second and it then disappears.  I have it set in InDesign,

      so that it plays automatically when the page turns and I when you hover over it, the bar to pause or stop,

      should appear.  Online, I see none of that...just an empty square, where the video should be.  It is

      apparent that something is going wrong when viewing it online.  Please help!  I would like to show my client

      on Monday. I really need to get this fixed. Thanks for your help.