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    Wird problem with property setter


      I have a class, inside it a get/set property, called IsSomethingCool of type Boolean. The setter looks like this:


      private var _isSomethingCool:Boolean = false;


      public function set IsSomethingCool(value:Boolean)


           _isSomethingCool = value;

          if (_isSomethingCool)

              coolStatusColor = 0x008000;    //green


              coolStatusColor = 0xff0000;      // red

           trace("this doesnt");



      Inside this class theres also a function Test():void which basically looks like this:


      public function Test():Boolean


        var result:Boolean = false;


        //do some tests to dtermine if the object is cool

        //set result


        trace("this is actually happening");

        IsSomethingCool = result;



      This function fires periodically every second or so, and the wird thing is the trace statement inside Test function fires everytime, the trace function inside the property setter doesnt fire at all. Lol i ve been doing flex/as3 for 2-3 years now and i just feel like a donkey atm how is this possible?