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    Best technique to use for complex online registration process development


      I am just starting Flex 4.5. Trying to develop an adjustable "course enrollment system" where admin has rights to name the sections of the course and set their prices. Prices will differ based on whether the applicant belongs to a certain pricing group (ex student or pensioner or full time employed)


      The applicant has to through 4 screens of forms, then presented with his final cost for all courses he has decided to attend, display a confirmation message and email the results email to both the coordinator of the course and the applicant.


      I have a question, what is the best technical strategy to use when developping something like that ?


      At the moment I am thinking of creating a custom component for every screen of application process and using the main.mxml file to switch between the screens (switch between the states of main.mxml which display a required custom component within them and not displaying all other custom components)


      Then a value data object would be extracted from every custom component and at the end of the registration process all the information is extracted from multiple value data objects and send by email through an smtp protocol programmed into the flex application)


      It seems so compliated to use states in main.mxml within which custom components are loaded. There must be an easier way to facilitate my

      Admin menu and registration process. Would you have a batter idea ?


      Thank you for your time spent reading my post,