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    js for Structure; XML; Map Tags to Styles...

    romanobstuder Level 1

      Hi all


      I am trying this forum entry again under a different heading. I may have confused readers.


      I have a ID file that contains XML content and lots of Character and Paragraph Styles.

      There is a map that connects Tags <-> Styles.

      This file is working fine. This file is now my "Template File"


      I have written a script that imports XML content of the same kind into a new file.

      The script also imports or loads all the Character and Paragraph Styles from the "Template File" into the "New File".


      Now I would like to import the maping between Tags <-> Styles into my "New File".


      Manually this is an easy process in ID, in the Structure pane, top right corner, is a pulldown, one of the commands is called "Map Tags to Styles..."

      I load the map and my "New File" looks perfect.


      I would now like to include this function into my script.


      So far I could not find any code samples for this.

      Can anybody help?


      Thanks Romano