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    From .psd in flash


      Hi! I`m new to Flash. I am trying to make a "story ",I can say. I made the background ,the ground etc. in Photoshop. And I inported them in flash. I would like to know how I can make the .psd or .jpg [as saved from photoshop] be editable in flash. Like making a road sign be a button that leads to a new area [I know how to make buttons] So I ask again,how do I import them to be editable in flash?



                                                                                                    Thank you for your support.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          In Photoshop, separate each element to a unique layer. If you want one or more elements to show different states, then make each of those states as separate elements, each in its own layer. Save the Photoshop file. Import the Photoshop file into your Flash movie. Use the default settings: "Convert layers to Flash layers" and "Place layers at original position".


          When imported the new Flash layers will be named the same as the layers in Photoshop, so if this will matter, then be sure to give the Photoshop layers useful names.


          Once imported each layer from Photoshop will be a bitmap object in Flash's Library, and each item will show on the stage. Click off the stage area in the stage window to deselect everything. Then you can select each item individually and set it to be a movieClip. You don't have to make everything a movieClip, but you do need to convert those that you want to control it through Actionscript.


          So, in the case of a stop sign, put it into a separate layer in Photoshop, then import the file, select the stop sign and make it movieClip, or a button object. Then you can use it as a control in your Flash movie.

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            Iulian25 Level 1

            Hi! I understand what I have to do.Thank you very much for explaining me.