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    Footage not filling raster

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      Sequence is NTSC 720x486.  PAR 1.21 (widescreen).  Footage and AE Renders are the same size. 


      Yet, when added to my Sequence in Pr, the footage doesn't fill the raster.  There are black bars at the sides.  Only by scaling footage up to 103% does the footage fill the raster.


      Then, after rendering the Sequence, I see black lines on the top and bottom as well.


      Not a big deal for broadcast, but is a big deal for web videos, where I don't want to see black lines on my final file.  What's going on here?  Bug?



      CS5.5 Mac

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          First a question: you mention PAR = 1.21. As of CS4, PrPro has used a PAR = 1.2121 for SD Widescreen. Some programs still use 1.21, and that can result in tiny black lines on the sides. You state that the footage and the AE renders equal the PAR of the Sequence. Do they match 100%?


          Good luck,



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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Why are the pixel dimensions 720 x 486 instead of the more common 720 x 480?

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              Jim Curtis Level 3

              Hi Bill,


              I don't see a preset in AE CS5.5 for a 1.2121 PAR.  So, I use the existing preset (1.21).  I thought it was actually 1.2121, and not labelled as such so as to avoid confusion.  But, it's been a while since I read the PVC article on new PARs.  I could be wrong about that.


              The Pr Sequence is indeed reporting 1.2121 in the Project Panel, and that could account for the vertical black bars, but not the horizontal ones.  True?

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                Jim Curtis Level 3

                Harm, this is for a DVD, but since I like to do my color correcting while viewing footage through my AJA on a calibrated monitor, I work at 486.  The Kona LHi seems to prefer 486.


                And besides, if I were doing this for broadcast, I might have to work at 486, and would still have the same issue.


                Even so, the horizontal is 720 either way.  My footage and AE renders should be filling the screen left to right, I would think. 


                I can see how if the footage fills the frame top to bottom, that would leave black on the sides.  But I have Default Scale to Frame Size turned off.

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                  Jim Curtis Level 3

                  It gets worse.  Once I've rendered the sequence, and all my renders are smaller than the raster, any change I make to a dissolve, or to slip the footage unrenders it, and when I play the sequence back in real time, the image jumps back and forth between the filled (unrendered) footage, and the scaled-down (rendered) footage.  Very annoying.  And I have to render everything after each edit if I want to avoid getting motion sickness.  I find it difficult to believe I'm the only person who this is happening to.