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    How much faster will 16gb 1600 of ram be over 8gb 1333?


      I'm just getting in to the video editing business, and I'm still finding my bearings. I just built a computer to use with premiere, but I'm thinking of upgrading the ram some more. Currently I'm have 8gb of 1333 in (4x2gb), and I see that premiere is using almost all of that. As my video grows, im worried my ram will become more of a bottleneck. Does it make sense for me to upgrade my ram to 16gb of 1600 (it should cost me around $125)? im kind of tired of playing around with hardware components at the moment, but if it'll provide a signicant performance boost i'll do it. This is my build as of now:

      core i5 2500

      2tb single drive (please dont kill me, i know im supposed to do a whole raid configuration, i dont have time to do it, ive got a huge deadline coming up, and i dont know the first thing about raid, il prolly do it after that)

      gigabyte overclocked edition gtx 470

      OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W


      I'm going to do the whole raid thing at one point (hopefully soon), so pretend that i have a decent setup on that front.


      I usually edit 1080p 30/60fps raws, btw.


      What do you think?

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          Your i5 2500 is very possibly a significant bottleneck, and very possibly more so than the 8GB of RAM.


          Upgrading to a i7 2600k would give you twice the effective cores (adds hyperthreaded "cores") for processing and speed up lots of aspects of CS5 or CS5.5 (assuming you have one or the other).


          Increasing from 8GB of RAM to 16GB of RAM would help a bit, probably mostly with rendering once a project is completed. That is helpful, but I suspect that you are suffering with just normal use of 1080P on the timeline and with timeline rendering with your current setup.


          You can use task manager to see where your bottlenecks are; if the CPU usage history shows that you are using 95+ percent of your 4 cores for those times when you feel that performance is lacking, then CPU horsepower is likely your most critical bottleneck.


          Regarding your big deadline, you can purchase additional drives and simply share the load (i.e. projects on one, media cache and media cache db on another, scratch files on still another) to gain performance right away; then, after your project is complete, you can configure the new drives as RAID 0 and have Premiere rebuild the cache and scratch files on the new RAID 0 array.



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            Frédéric Segard Level 2

            First of all, you don't "need" a RAID, but rather you need to have separate disks. You can always have a RAID later, but for now, you need to distribute your load.  If you only have one hard drive for everything, that is your biggest bottleneck. More so then the 8GB. You're better to have a smaller (500GB'ish, or less) HDD for your OS and programs, a big drive (2TB)  for your project and media, and another (maybe 1TB) for your cache and previews (and possibly pagefile). As for RAM, more is always better, and not expensive. Will more RAM improve performance? yes! Will getting 1600 vs 1333 be way better? not necessarily. If the motherboard easily allow you to go 1600, and the RAM price is not that much more, then by all means, go for it.

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              thegoldenstandard Level 1

              thanks for the quick replies guys!

              i'm definitely going to pop in another hard drive, because it looks like you both agree that thats my biggest problem. its great to know that i dont have to do the raid set up for faster hard drive reads.

              when i finish the project il upgrade the ram.

              il wait until ivy bridge to upgrade my processor though.

              thanks again for the info!

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                RjL190365 Level 5

                I agree, Jim, that the i5-2500 is fairly restrictive in terms of performance. At best, it is competitive only with the low end of the first-generation LGA 1366 i7 CPUs (i7-920 or i7-930) when it comes to performance in CS5.x with the CPUs all running at their stock speeds. But the i5-2500 (non-K) could not be overclocked to the same degree that the i7-920 or 930 could.